The New American Kitchen Garden

The New American Kitchen Garden - Gardening Book

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The New American Kitchen Garden
National Home Gardening Club

ISBN 0914697757
149 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 1/2
Color Photographs throughout; Hardcover
Author: Shepherd Ogden

This book has never been read and appears to be brand new. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the garden.

This lovely hardcover book from the National Home Gardening Club is truly a pleasure to read. Packed with color photos, this authoritative volume conveys a love of gardening as it shows you how to create and enjoy a beautiful and bountiful kitchen garden. Chapters include:

  • What Makes a Kitchen Garden? What Makes it Yours?
  • Creating A New Era In Kitchen Gardening
  • Planning and Designing the Kitchen Garden
  • Mastering the Basics of Kitchen Gardening
  • Kitchen Garden Plant Guide
  • Seasonal Recipes for the Kitcnen Garden

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