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The Nantucket Table

By Susan Simon
Photographs by Tom Eckerle

ISBN 0811814726
8-1/4 x 9 in; 168 pp; 75 color photographs; hardcover

A Nantucket summer is sunny, salty days at the beach, ocean views, sea breezes, and casual feasts with friends and family. Susan Simon's love of Nantucket, with its picket fences and sandy lanes, its baked clams, lobsters, and heavenly chowders, shines through on every page of The Nantucket Table. Her recipes are clear, easy, fresh, and delicious, while Tom Eckerle's photographs complete the picture of the sweetest, laziest season on the island. Though the book features the specialties of Nantucket, these are not unusual ingredients: Susan Simon wants you to enjoy simple food at its seasonal peak. If you can find a farmer's market and a fresh fish shop, there's no reason why you can't create that special taste of Nantucket, wherever you happen to live.

About the Author
Susan Simon spent her first summer in Nantucket in 1960. She runs a catering business in New York City and is a part-time resident of the island.

Tom Eckerle lives in New York City. His work has appeared in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Food & Wine, House Beautiful, Gourmet, and elsewhere.

This book makes me wish I had a house right next door to Susan Simon's, whose evocative and stylish verve brings simple ingredients to life.
-- Rozanne Gold, author of Recipes 1-2-3

Susan Simon's recipes are brimming with the freshness and charm of a summer weekend....This is an indispensable book for lovers of good food.
-- Nick Malgieri, author of How to Bake

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