Dr. Cookie's Guide to Living Happily Ever After with Your Cat (Used Book)

Dr. Cookie's Guide to Living Happily Ever After with Your Cat (Used Book) - Gardening Book

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Dr. Cookie's Guide to
Living Happily Ever After With Your Cat

by Stefanie Schwartz, DVM

ISBN 0312273304
256 pages; Paperback.

Stefanie Schwartz was raised a dog person, but she was introduced to cats while in vet school and fell in love. Affectionately nicknamed "Dr. Cookie" by clients who observed her tendency to spoil her patients with pet treats, she has become so closely associated with the name that it's her trademark.

Veterinary behavior is the equivalent of psychiatry in human medicine, and is the fastest growing field of interest in veterinary medicine and among pet owners worldwide. Using anecdotes gathered from all aspects of her career, she addresses these topics among many others:

understanding temperment differences between pets
managing your allergies
how cats show affection
hallucinatory play in cats
how to sleep through the night and still love your cat in the morning
secrets behind your cat's daily rhythm of activity and how to synchronize your circadian rhythm with your cat's internal clock
"hissy fits" and feline aggression
litter box problems
sex-related problems
understanding your cat's golden age

About the Author:
Dr. Stefanie Schwartz is a board certified specialist in veterinary behavior, is on the teaching staff of Tufts University's School of Veterinary Medicine, and is a consultant to the Boston Animal Rescue League. She lives in Massachusetts.

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