Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening - Gardening Book

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Guerrilla Gardening
How to Create Gorgeous Gardens For Free

by Barbara Pallenberg

ISBN 1580631835
222 pages; b&w photographs and illustrations
Trade paperback

How to develop your own revolutionary gardening strategy

With well over 80 photographs and illustrations, this field manual will empower you to reconnoiter trashcans, back alleys, sidewalks, and vacant lots on the hunt for AWOL flora. Pallenberg suggests diversionary tactics, tells you what paraphernalia you need and how to retrieve and revive plants, and offers rest and rehabilitation strategies for relocating and nurturing captive specimens. She even shows you how to map out your garden. Yeah, it's basic training, but you won't just be smelling the flowers anymore. You'll be telling them what to do.

And you'll be helping to engineer a better world. Pallenberg reminds us "Guerilla gardeners are engaged in reclamation. We are saving the environment, cutting by cutting."

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