Great Garden Formulas

Great Garden Formulas - Gardening Book

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Used Great Garden Formulas
The Ultimate Book of Mix-It-Yourself Concoctions for Your Garden

by Joan Benjamin and Deborah L. Martin

ISBN: 0875968481
Softcover; 342 pages

Whether you're looking for a quick-cooking compost recipe or a safe spray to stop garden-eating pests, you'll find all-new mixtures that really work to solve your garden problems in Great Garden Formulas!

More Than 350 Formulas for a Great Garden

  • Compost
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilizer
  • Birds, Butterflies, and Beneficials
  • Soil Care
  • Herbs for Every Purpose
  • Pest Control
  • Home Remedies
  • Disease Control
  • Yard and Garden Designs

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