Going Wild: Adventures With Birds in the Suburban Wilderness

Going Wild: Adventures With Birds in the Suburban Wilderness - Gardening Book

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Going Wild
From National Geographic

by Robert Winkler

ISBN: 0792261682
Paperback: 208 pages; Dimensions (in inches):9 x 6

Adventures With Birds in the Suburban Wilderness

A veteran birder and gifted nature writer is our guide in this charming, surprising, informative, and unexpectedly exciting foray into the wild kingdom that flourishes quietly just beyond our backyards. Logged within a few miles of his suburban Connecticut home, Robert Winkler's local life list runs to hundreds of birds, from familiars like American Robins and Blue Jays to such rarities as American White Pelicans and Sandhill Cranes. He's been attacked by a Northern Goshawk, watched a pair of Bald Eagles perform a mid-flight mating dance, stumbled over a wriggling den of copperheads, and spotted such shy and elusive creatures as red foxes, coyotes, and flying squirrels.

These vivid anecdotes and many more are woven into a fascinating tapestry of bird lore and birding wisdom, embroidered with an abiding, observant love of all animal life. A book that will delight birders everywhere and fascinate nature lovers of all stripes, Going Wild celebrates the often-overlooked yet amazingly rich world that starts so close to home.

From National Geographic.

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