Gardening Tools and Equipment

Gardening Tools and Equipment - Gardening Book

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Garden Tools and Equipment

by George Brookbank

96 pages; softcover; 8.5 X 11

If you aren't aware of the right and wrong ways to use a shovel, your aching back will probably let you know. Garden tools are commonplace and seem so simple, but serious gardeners know that there is a big difference between bypass and anvil pruning shears, or clay and plastic pots.

This collection of articles from Fine Gardening Magazine covers a wide range of gardening tools and equipment, from hand tools to leaf shredders, edging to irrigation systems. This edition is not a typical "buyer's guide" which goes out of date almost immediately. Instead, these articles focus on how you can choose the right tool for the right job, use it correctly and care for it properly.

Over 140 color photos and step-by-step illustrations give you a clear sense of how these gardening aids can help serve your particular needs.

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