The Gardener's Essential Companion

The Gardener's Essential Companion - Gardening Book

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The Gardener's Essential Companion

by Dora Galitzki

ISBN 0684863219
347 pages
b&w illustrations
Trade Paperback

Proven Advice and Lively Information
to Help You Garden Smarter, Not Harder

As readers of her popular New York Times column know, Dora Galitzki seamlessly combines solid gardening how-to with wry and knowing observations about the gardener's life. Organized in an easy-to-use format, The Gardener's Essential Companion provides tips on what to do when plants succumb to disease or weather; the basics of selecting the best plants for a garden and keeping them healthy; great ideas for growing unusual plants (like chicory for coffee or night-fragrant flowers); creating a garden to attract butterflies; and much more. Galitzki's gardening-with-an-attitude approach encourages readers to improve their skills, to find creative solutions to gardening problems, and to learn what works best in their own garden or yard.

"Ms. Galitzki's columns in The New York Times are such a great pleasure to read; she applies her formidable horticultural intelligence to her subject with good sense and style. "
— Jamaica Kincaid

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