Extraordinary Touches for an Ordinary Day

Extraordinary Touches for an Ordinary Day - Gardening Book

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Extraordinary Touches for an Ordinary Day

by Jo Packham

ISBN 0806954809
160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 10.5 X 10.5; hardcover

If time were limitless, think of all the little touches you'd do to show family and friends that you love them. Hundreds of inexpensive ideas can make every day special for your family and any space a fun place for your guests. Simple tips range from placing fragrant, tasty fruit in bowls around the house to leaving flowers and books in the guest room to welcome traveling friends. Bring out favorite objects for a romantic dining display when you entertain a lover, or heirlooms during holiday parties, or an antique toy for a grandparent and grandchild. For everyday freshness, other suggestions show how to maximize natural light and fresh air, and make quick emergency sweeps before unexpected company arrives to find your perfect blend of delight and peace. It's the special, thoughtful features that clearly show you care.

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