Confederate Jasmine and the Fat Tuesday Tree

Confederate Jasmine and the Fat Tuesday Tree - Gardening Book

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Confederate Jasmine and the Fat Tuesday Tree
A Poetic Herbarium

by Ann Lewis

ISBN 0811813088
157 pages; 8 1/3 X 7 1/3 inches; Paperback.

Long haunted by the legacy of her Southern heritage, writer and artist Ann Lewis returns to its tree-lined avenues and meandering side streets in this exquisite reminiscence. Traveling through the countryside of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana, she draws links between the plants she loved as a child and the individuals she encounters as an adult. As she collects herbarium-style "specimens" of the varied plants of the area and weaves them into beautiful, miniature collages, a rich portrait of the South comes to life. Each lovely image is accompanied by evocative, humorous, and often touching prose. Through it Ann Lewis has created a lyrical tribute to the Southern landscape that charms and captivates. Bringing the perspectives of both insider and outsider to her work, Ann Lewis dedicates each piece in her book to a different native plant, letting each reveal its time-steeped stories, history, and lore. Gathered together, they have the intricate feel of a botanical collection. The plants' stories offer the secrets of their lives and of the characters who have lived amongst them. Gardeners, artists, and dreamers - whether from the South or drawn by its lushness - will discover a treasure in this provocative and beautiful homage.

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