The Coming Storm

The Coming Storm - Gardening Book

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The Coming Storm

By Bob Reiss

ISBN 0786866659
9.7 x 6.4; 323 pp ; hardcover

Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, heat waves -- acts of God or the results of man's actions?
To answer that question, this riveting book places readers in the eye of today's deadliest storms.

If you think the world's weather catastrophes are becoming more frequent and more powerful, you're right. Ten of the last eleven years have been the hottest on record, filled with dozens of record-breaking hurricanes, floods, and droughts. Is this a coincidence, or is our civilization wreaking havoc on global weather? Journalist Bob Reiss shares America's growing fascination -- and concern -- with the phenomenon of extreme weather, a series of interlocking human stories that together create an ominous forecast for the twenty-first century. The Coming Storm presents a frightening, enlightening, and fascinating portrait of an ecosystem off track.

About the Author
Bob Reiss is a former Chicago Tribune reporter who has written for the Washington Post, Outside, Parade, Smithsonian, GQ, and Rolling Stone. He was a National Magazine Award finalist for his reporting on the Amazon and is the author of ten novels and two books of nonfiction. He lives in New York City.

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