The Breast Cancer Survival Manual

The Breast Cancer Survival Manual - Gardening Book

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The Breast Cancer Survival Manual
A Step-By-Step Guide for the Woman With Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer
by John S. Link

244 pages, 9 X 6; softcover

The Breast Cancer Survival Manual contains all of the latest findings that women diagnosed with breast cancer need to participate in developing the most effective treatment plan. Includes the most current advice on

- tamoxifen, herceptin, and other chemotherapy options
- the growing importance of Her-2 oncogene testing
- clinical research trials under way that could broaden treatment options
- the role of preventative drugs and prophylactics for those with genetic high risk for breast cancer
- Sentinal Lymph Node sampling, a new method of local cancer control

Updated information on the nature and biology of breast cancer, choosing a treatment team, managing side effects, and optimizing medication are also included. The Breast Cancer Survival Manual continues to be a must-have for any woman seeking honest, accurate, and easily understandable information about managing breast cancer today.

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