Botanica's Roses

Botanica's Roses - Gardening Book

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Botanica's Roses

By William Grant

ISBN: 1571456619
Pages: 1007
Dimensions: 7.69" l x 6.09" w x 1.95" h
Weight: 1.31 kg / 2.89 lbs
Format: Softcover

This richly illustrated guide to over 2000 of the world's favorite roses will delight every rose grower. Botanica's Roses contains a wealth of information to help the beginner or veteran identify, choose, and grow the world's most popular flower. Comprehensive entries of Wild Roses and the A-Z listing of varieties and their alternative names are illustrated with beautiful color photographs. There is also detailed information on cultivation, including planting, pruning, training, and routine care of these inspirational and widely loved plants. The book features something for every gardener - old favorites and the latest varieties, ground covers to climbers, easy-to-grow and more challenging varieties, and growing conditions for these beautiful and rewarding flowers.

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