Better Homes and Gardens: Step-by-Step Landscaping

Better Homes and Gardens: Step-by-Step Landscaping - Gardening Book

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Better Homes & Gardens
Step-by-Step Landscaping

IBSN: 0696025582
Softcover; 336 pages
by Better Homes and Gardens

A complete step-by-step guide to landscaping, including 550 full-color photographs and more than 200 illustrations to help readers design structures and fit them--along with plans--into an overall landscape. Also includes plant selection charts and advice on maintaining landscape structures and plants.

Table of Contents:

Creating an Environment
Front Yards
Swimming Pools
Garden Pools

Planning and Preparing
Assessing Your Landscaping Needs
Weighing Your Landscaping Options
Measuring Your Existing Site
Drawing a Map of Your Existing Site
Designing Your New Landscape
Choosing Your Final Plan
Scheduling the Work
Solving Drainage Problems
Correcting the Grade
Laying Out Project Sites
Erecting Posts
Dealing with Existing Plants

Slope Solutions
Assessing Slope Solutions
Controlling Minor Erosion
Building Contours and Bevels
Building Retaining Walls
Building Structures Over Slopes
Gallery of Slope Ideas

Privacy and Security
Assessing Privacy Solutions
Choosing Plants for Privacy
Building Fences and Gates
Building Latticework Screens
Choosing a Fence or Screen Style
Fence and Screen Plantings
Installing Security Lighting
Gallery of Privacy Ideas

Sun and Shade
Assessing Sun and Shade Solutions
Building Overhead Sunshades
Building Arbors
Arbor and Trellis Plantings
Choosing Plants to Provide Dense Shade
Choosing Plants to Provide Filtered Shade
Gallery of Sun and Shade Ideas

Front Yards
Assessing Front-Yard Options
Creating an Attractive Front
Building Walks and Paths
Building Steps
Building Ramps
Installing Walk Edgings
Choosing Walk and Edging Materials
Gallery of Front-Yard Ideas

Controlling the View
Screening Unwanted Views with Plantings
Screening Unwanted Views with Structures
Creating Desirable Views with Plantings
Creating Desirable Views with Structures
Creating Desirable Views from Within

Patios and Decks
Assessing Patio and Deck Options
Creating the Ultimate Patio
Building Sand-Base Patios
Building Concrete Patios
Choosing a Special Concrete Surface
Surfacing Existing Concrete Patios
Patio Plantings
Gallery of Patio Ideas
Creating the Ultimate Deck
Building Grade-Level Decks
Building Raised Decks
Choosing a Decking or Railing Style
Building Deck Benches
Choosing Deck Materials
Deck Plantings
Gallery of Deck Ideas

Beyond the Basics
Creating the Ultimate Gazebo
Building Gazebos
Creating the Ultimate Garden Pool
Building Garden Pools
Installing Pumps, Fountains, and Waterfalls
Creating Water Gardens
Creating the Ultimate Swimming Pool
Assessing Swimming-Pool Options
Equipping and Maintaining Your Pool
Creating the Ultimate Lighting Scheme
Assessing Lighting Options
Creating the Ultimate Play Area
Assessing Play-Area Options

Controlling Insects
Assessing Insect-Control Solutions
Choosing an Organic or Chemical Control
Adding Sun-Rooms
Screening In a Porch

Service Areas
Assessing Service-Area Options
Creating the Ultimate Storage Unit
Building Sheds
Creating the Ultimate Area for Vehicles
Building Driveways and Parking Areas
Creating the Ultimate Kennel
Building Kennels

Maintaining Your Landscape
Outdoor Tasks Month by Month
Maintaining Lawns
Minimizing Lawn Maintenance
Choosing Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives
Installing Irrigation Systems
Maintaining Plants
Maintaining Concrete and Masonry Structures
Maintaining Wood Structures

Construction and Planting Basics
Hardware and Fasteners
Concrete and Masonry

Recommended Plants
Deciduous Trees
Evergreen Trees
Deciduous Shrubs
Broad-Leaved Evergreen Shrubs
Needled Evergreen Shrubs
Ground Covers


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