Tropical and Subtropical Trees

Tropical and Subtropical Trees - Gardening Book

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Tropical and Subtropical Trees
An Encyclopedia

by Margaret Barwick

512 pages, 8.25 x 11.63
Over 2,000 color illustrations and drawings; Paperback.

This exhaustive, lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopedia describes tropical and subtropical trees by their specific attributes and profiles, such as color, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, or fruit. It also includes a collection of useful quick-reference checklists that help gardeners, designers, and planners to choose appropriate species for specific uses and conditions. Useful summary boxes for every species cover details such as growth habits, light and shade requirements, tolerances, soil types, details of propagation, and problems that may occur. The result is an irresistible mix of images, descriptive captions, and informed reference texts. It is both a superb introduction for the beginner and an authoritative companion for the enthusiast and professional, providing greater knowledge and understanding of the key elements of tree classification, anatomy and use from around the world. This is destined to become the essential reference work for all gardeners, designers, planners, arboriculturists and horticulturists with an interest and passion for the tropical and subtropical.

About the Author
Margaret Barwick has spent more than forty-five years as a hands-on gardener and landscape designer in New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Malawi, the British Virgin Islands, USA, France and the Cayman Islands, where she was involved in setting up their Botanic Park. The culmination of all her work, this book reflects Margaret Barwick's passion for the subject and her appreciation of what fellow gardeners, both lay and professional, need to know about tree selection for tropical and subtropical climates. She is also the co-author with Anton van der Schans of Tropical Flowering Vines.

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