The Tree Book

The Tree Book - Gardening Book

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The Tree Book

by Jeff Meyer

ISBN: 0743249747
416 pages, 9.3" x 6.7"; b&w illustrations; Paperback.

Here's what homeowners and gardeners have been waiting for: a top-to-bottom, accessible and authoritative, practical and appealing guide to one of their biggest outdoor investments -- their trees.

Jeff Meyer, host of public television's Tree Stories, takes his love and knowledge of trees to the place that needs them most: the American yard. Well-sited, flourishing trees not only provide lasting beauty and comfort, they can add thousands of dollars to the value of any house or property. In The Tree Book, Meyer presents more than sixty of the most popular native and non-native species in the United States and walks you step-by-step through selecting and growing these magnificent trees, including:

  • Buying the perfect shade, flowering, evergreen, or fruit tree to complement your house, yard, or garden

  • Planting and routine care, such as staking, watering, mulching, feeding, weeding, and pruning

  • Choosing trees that add beauty, from spring blooms to fall colors

  • Choosing trees for practical needs, from protection against seasonal winds to creating privacy or a barrier to screen out sights and sounds

  • Growing trees in the city and growing trees in containers

  • Finding trees that attract birds, squirrels, and other wildlife

You'll also find helpful, amusing sidebars and appendixes that include everything from the best tree care products and where to buy them to how to talk tree, as well as an invaluable troubleshooting section on solving common tree problems.

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