Tulip - Gardening Book

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96 pages, 6 x 9 1/2; Softcover
full-color photographs
Author: Richard Bird

One of the most popular of all spring-flowering bulbs, the tulip has a history that is as colorful as the flower itself. In the 1600s, in the heyday of "tulipomania," these stately blooms were rare, very expensive, and considered status symbols by Europian aristocrats. Fortunately, today just about all of us can afford to "tiptoe through the tulips" right in our own gardens. This easy-to-use, abundantly illustrated guide tells novice and expert gardeners everything they need to know to successfully grow many exquisite varieties, from the bizarre Parrot to the classic Rembrandt.

This title includes instructions for selecting, planting, caring for, cutting, and forcing tulips, as well as how to combine them with other plants in the garden; authoritative text and gorgeous photographs by acclaimed author/photographer team Theodore James, Jr. and Harry Haralambou; a convenient format with immediately accessible and well-organized information; and a list of sources.

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