The Rose Bible

The Rose Bible - Gardening Book

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The Rose Bible

By Rayford Clayton Reddell

ISBN: 0811821595
9-7/8 x 9-7/8 in; 252 pp; Over 300 color photos

In paperback for the first time, this gorgeous and affordable edition of The Rose Bible is a must-have for every rose grower, novice or expert. This beloved classic by America's leading rosarian reveals everything a gardener needs to know about this most treasured of garden plants. Ray Reddell has distilled his vast knowledge of the eternally popular rose into one copiously illustrated, indispensable reference, offering expert advice on everything from planting and pruning to training and grafting roses. Encompassing antique and modern roses, original species and recent hybrids, bushes and shrubs, ramblers and climbers, this is the definitive volume on growing splendid roses.

About the Author
Rayford Clayton Reddell owns a nine-acre ranch in Petaluma, California, planted with over 8,000 rose bushes. An expert on roses, he is a garden columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle as well as a regular contributor to Horticulture magazine. Ray's previous books include The Rose Bible and A Year in the Life of a Rose.

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