Painting Flowers in Watercolour

Painting Flowers in Watercolour - Gardening Book

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Painting Flowers in Watercolour:
A Naturalistic Approach

by Coral G. Guest

128 pp, 78 color illus., 43 color figures, 6 b/w figures, 11 line drawings, 8 5/8 x 10 3/4", paperback.

Painting flowers has long been popular with artists, and there have been many books written on the subject. What makes this book different is the author's naturalistic approach to painting. The resulting watercolors are botanically correct but also show the beauty of flowers in a very real way---the velvety quality of a petal, the delicate colors, the gloss of a leaf.

Coral G. Guest has chosen a wide variety of plants, and in a series of illustrations shows how---step by step---she has developed each painting. The result is a most inspirational and stunning guide for any artist wanting to make his or her paintings look more natural.

Coral G. Guest

Coral G. Guest is a full-time flower artist who has for a number of years conducted courses on naturalistic flower painting for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and at a number of other venues. Her work has been shown internationally and she has received numerous awards, including a gold medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. She frequently lectures and has written for various magazines.

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