Orchid Basics

Orchid Basics - Gardening Book

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Orchid Basics
A Step-by-Step Guide to Growing and General Care

by Isobyl la Croix

128 pages, 6 1/8 x 10 1/8; full-color photographs, paperback.

Orchids give rise to passion, bringing gardeners—and all who encounter these flowers—to a virtual state of obsession. In addition to their beauty and mystique, orchids appeal by their sheer variety: some burst forth flamboyantly in hot tropical colors, others show off a rare purity of form, still more scent the air with rich aromas. Best of all, because orchid growing is a year-round hobby, there’s always at least one species in its full flowering glory. One look at these captivating and brilliant full-color photographs will whet your appetite for cultivating these remarkable blooms—and here’s the information that will show you how to go about propagating orchids, hybridizing and feeding them, keeping them safe from pests and disease, and choosing the ones that will thrive in the greenhouse, conservatory, and garden. Mix recipes for potting composts, set the right levels of light and shade, and keep the temperatures set at orchid-friendly warmth. It’s the comprehensive guide to all the basics!

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