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Landscape Planning - Gardening Book

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Landscape Planning
Practical Techniques for the Home Gardener

by Judith Adam

240 pp, 300 color images, 10 X 10, paperback with flaps.

In this comprehensive guide, professional landscaper and horticulturalist Judith Adam guides homeowners with the overwhelming task of landscaping their property, from determining and balancing needs and wants, to choosing the best plants. How-to drawings, watercolor illustrations and more than 300 full color photographs simplify the process while bringing it to life, making the myriad choices to be made much easier.

Landscape Planning: Practical Techniques for the Home Gardener covers all the basics, from assessing the current state of a property to constructing steps to choosing plants at the nursery using the techniques used by professional landscapers. Adam includes more than 200 of her favorite plants, shrubs and trees, the outcome of her years of experience. With hands-on projects, expert tips and hints on every page, this book is a must-have guide for the homeowner.

Landscape Planning also includes:

  • 25 fully illustrated step-by-step projects
  • 59 full color watercolor illustrations
  • 63 black and white how-to drawings
  • more than 20 fully illustrated Ten Best plant lists
  • a questionnaire to help prepare a plan and budget
  • numerous sidebars and panels
  • hardscaping: steps, sidewalks, fences, lighting
  • softscaping: plants, shrubs, trees and lawns
  • irrigation, planting, pests, soil, fertilizers
  • 10 Elements of Landscape Design
  • 10-point Assessment Survey
  • sample 4-year Plan
  • sequence of events in a landscaping makeover
  • how to make a landscape plan
  • 10 steps to a better lawn
  • the 10 most necessary tools
  • glossary
  • appendices, and more.

About the author
Judith Adam is a horticulturalist, educator and landscape designer. She has served as chair of Toronto Master Gardeners and contributes to many magazines. Judith guests frequently on gardening shows presented by HGTV and Discovery networks.

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