Just the Facts

Just the Facts - Gardening Book

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Just the Facts
Dozens of Garden Charts - Thousands of Gardening Answers.

by the Editors of Storey Publishing

ISBN 0-88266-867-6
224 pages; 11" x 8.5"; Line drawings; tables; lists; maps; charts; graphs; Paperback.

The best gardening charts -- a prized reference for every grower!

Now there is no need to go from one source to another to find answers to your gardening questions and problems. Just the Facts! is the book for gardeners wanting essential information quickly -- from when to prune rhododendrons to how deep to plant the bulbs. This easy-to-use reference is packed with dozens of important tables, charts, and lists, making it an invaluable tool for all gardeners.

Just the Facts! includes:

  • Spacing Requirements and Planting Times for Dozens of Vegetables and Flowers
  • Insect and Disease Symptoms and Controls
  • Planting Guides for Perennials and Annuals
  • Organic Mulches and Natural Fertilizers
  • Compost Trouble-Shooting
  • Characteristics and Culinary Uses of Herbs
  • Optimum pH Range for Crops
  • Growing Annuals from Seed
  • First and Last Average Frost Dates
  • Shrub Pruning Times
  • Companion Planting Guide

And much more!

Just the Facts! has vital information on trees and shrubs, everlastings, wildflowers, bulbs, and container plants. Designed for a lifetime of gardening, this book will grow right along with your garden: blank pages in the back provide plenty of space for your personal observations and records.

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