Hydrangeas for American Gardens

Hydrangeas for American Gardens - Gardening Book

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Hydrangeas for American Gardens

by Michael A. Dirr
224 pages, 7 x 9; full-color photographs; hardcover

The sheer number of choices among Hydrangea species, hybrids, and cultivated varieties can be overwhelming even for the most advanced gardeners. How to choose from among the hundreds of mopheads, climbers, lacecaps, and oakleafs, to name just a few? And how to care for hydrangeas in American gardens, when nearly all the books offering advice about them come from England and Europe? Respected plantsman Michael A. Dirr comes to the rescue in this refreshingly forthright and practical guide to these distinctive shrubs and climbers.

About the author
Michael A. Dirr is a professor of horticulture at the University of Georgia. He is the author of eleven books, including Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs: An Illustrated Encyclopedia and the text and reference book, Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, and has published more than 300 scientific and popular papers and articles. His teaching, lectures, seminars, garden study tours, and plant introduction programs have contributed enormously to greater horticultural awareness.

Awards for Michael Dirr
- American Horticultural Society's Teaching Award
- Arthur Hoyt Scott Garden and Horticultural Award
- ASHS Undergraduate Educator Award
- Medal of Honor from the Garden Clubs of America
- Southern Nurseryman's Association (SNA) Slater Wight Memorial Award

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