From Seed to Bloom

From Seed to Bloom - Gardening Book

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From Seed to Bloom
How to Grow over 500 Annuals, Perennials & Herbs.

by Eileen Powell

ISBN 0-88266-259-7
312 pages; 8.5" x 11"; line drawings; tables; source list; Paperback.

A Gardener's Easy Reference Guide to Growing more than 500 Flowers and Herbs from Seed -- It's Simple and Fun When You Know How!

Plant by plant, From Seed to Bloom is a one-stop reference -- containing everything you need to know in order to germinate and grow more than 500 genera of flowering plants. Each plant entry includes such essential information as hardiness zones, directions for sowing seeds indoors and out, spacing, and germination time and requirements.

From Seed to Bloom also covers:
-- When to transplant seedlings outdoors
-- Light and soil requirements
-- Propagation techniques
-- General plant care
-- Flowering season
-- How to encourage blooms

From Seed to Bloom puts all the information gardeners need most into one handbook -- no more searching a variety of books, seed catalogs, and old seed packets for essential instructions.

The advantages of germinating seeds yourself are many: Growing from seed is usually less expensive than buying mature plants, especially for mass plantings. Germinating and growing the plants yourself ensures that your plants are as healthy as possible.

Also, unusual, exotic, or marginally hardy plants that are often unavailable at nurseries may be obtainable in the form of seed. From Seed to Bloom helps you grow the flowering plants that you see in magazines but can never find.

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