Family Spaces

Family Spaces - Gardening Book

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Family Spaces
Creative Solutions for Family Friendly Interiors

by by Tirzah Ortiz-Wanlass and P.Jonathan Ortiz

ISBN 1-58685-277-9
160 pages
9.25 x 9.25
Paperback with Flaps

From French flea market style to city chic, real-life homes of real-life people usually have one thing in common: the heart and soul of their design comes from personal inspiration. And what inspires more than one’s own family? Family Spaces explores unique and personalized blends of old and new, function and elegance, budget and beauty, each creating a timeless look while accommodating for the inevitable evolution of family life. Using seasonal accents, unique storage solutions, and a careful attention to a cost-effective budget, eight every-day families have discovered how to transform their homes into personal sanctuaries. Walk through the front doors and into the lives of eight real families who have met the challenge of modern living with their own sensible and stylish solutions—all without the help of a “professional designer.”

The design world has yet to see a more exciting or energetic team as that of this real life sister and brother duo, who hail from a close-knit and creative family of their own. Through their uniquely talented eyes, Tirzah and Jonathan have collected a varied group of distinct households and individual styles to create an easy-to read and encouraging how-to guide for common design problems. In no time, you’ll be thinking, “if they can do it, so can I!”

About the Authors

Tirzah Ortiz-Wanlass’s design work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Decorating, and Country Home magazines, as well as HGTV’s Awesome Interiors and Interiors by Design. She is a contributing editor with Meredith Publications.

P. Jonathan Ortiz is a graduate of St. Mary’s College, California and is in the design and home retail industry. Widely sought after for his unique and distinctive designs, he creates personally tailored spaces for individuals and corporate clients.

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