The Complete Herb Book

The Complete Herb Book - Gardening Book

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The Complete Herb Book

by Maggy Stuckey

464 pages
b&w illustrations, hardcover

Gardening, Cooking, Creating and Healing with
Nature's Miraculous Multipurpose Plants

Stuckey explains the uses of dozens of herbs, offers advice on planning a herb garden, and presents recipes for everything from salad dressing to meat loaf.

Use herbs to...

  • Spice up a meal

  • Soothe a stomach ache, a sunburn, or a sore throat

  • Keep away mice, moths, and mosquitoes

  • Freshen a room or take a bath in basil

  • Add shine to your hair and softness to your skin

  • Make a wreath of bay branches or a catnip sachet

  • and more

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