The City Gardener's Handbook

The City Gardener's Handbook - Gardening Book

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The City Gardener's Handbook
The Definitive Guide to Small-Space Gardening

by Linda Yang

7 x 9
ISBN: 1580174493

The City Gardener's Handbook is the definitive guide to gardening in small spaces - whether on a balcony, in a container, or in a small yard - covering planting, design, and maintenance.

The problems and challenges facing gardeners in cities, suburban condos, or apartment complexes are unique, and Linda Yang has personally experienced every small-space gardening situation she writes about. Yang offers a wealth of practical advice on planning a garden that will be attractive all year long; selecting wind-, heat-, moisture-, or drought-tolerant species; and coping with pollutants, insects, and more. Charts and lists supply information on the best city plants for flowers, foliage, and fragrance, as well as ground covers, small weeping trees and dwarf shrubs, soil mixes for containers, and practical mulches. The updated mail-order source list is an essential tool for gardeners who find it difficult to locate plants and supplies. The City Gardener's Handbook is an invaluable resource for any gardener facing the challenge of growing plants where space is limited, whether in the dooryard of a suburban townhouse or on a mid-city rooftop.

About the Author
Linda Yang is known for her garden columns in the New York Times, which were widely syndicated from 1979-1995. Both her articles and her photographs have been published in numerous home and garden magazines, and she is the author of three books other than The City Gardener's Handbook. Her friendly, wise, and authoritative writing comes from a genuine love of gardening and from firsthand experiences that include "quite a bit of trial and more than one error." At present she tills one-fortieth of an acre of Manhattan, the area around the townhouse she shares with her husband.

About this Author