CD-ROM: Better Birdwatching - Mountain West

CD-ROM: Better Birdwatching - Mountain West - Gardening Book

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Better Birdwatching - Mountain West
CD-ROM Guide to Identifying & Finding Birds
Windows or Macintosh

ISBN 0-9667353-5-8
CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh

Better Birdwatching - Mountain West provides comprehensive information about bird species found in this area, known as the Mountain West Ecoregion. Ecoregions, or “ecosystems of a regional extent,” are a concept developed by Dr. Robert Bailey. Ecoregions are delineated based on characteristics like climate, soils and geography, which leads to unique forms of vegetation, which in turn leads to unique bird life.

The Mountain West region is further divided into many subregions. The computer CD-ROM format allows you to easily learn about the concept of ecoregions in addition to providing multimedia content about the birds of the Mountain West. From the alphabetical and checklist indexes, you can access information about bird families and species. Family screens teach beginners how birds are organized into groups. Highlighted text plays sounds and video clips, or links you to the species screens. Species in bold text are reliably found in the ecoregion, while those in plain text are considered unreliable or rare in the ecoregion. Species screens for the “reliable” species include pictures, video and/or audio. The species photo screens use text boxes and arrows to point out key identifying characteristics. The species video screens also provide textual descriptions of the sounds and video clips. Video clips can also be viewed frame by frame.

Range maps are available for all 470 species. The range map also serves as a bird finder by providing a list of parks and refuges where the species occurs, broken down into the categories of common, uncommon, and rare.

Looking for some good places to go birdwatching? Maps for each state provide links to over 200 parks and refuges throughout the Mountain West. Each park and refuge screen features a bird list with direct links to the family and species screens. Furthermore, the park and refuge screens provide details about the park environment, first-hand observation and travel tips, and notes about other recreation opportunities like camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

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