Tea Gardens

Tea Gardens - Gardening Book

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Tea Gardens
Places to Make and Take Tea

by Ann Lovejoy

120 pages, 7 x 8
full-color photographs

Whether it is a cup of chamomile sipped in an English tea garden or a jasmine tea enjoyed in a Japanese retreat, the tradition of making and taking tea in the garden is a practice steeped in history. Ann Lovejoy has lovingly adapted this long-standing tradition for the gardeners and tea lovers of today. This beautifully photographed guide combines simple garden design strategies with smart planting advice to create enchanting outdoor spaces that are soothing, productive, and lovely to visit. Featuring five international varieties of classic tea gardens—including a chapter on potted tea gardens for limited space—as well as instructions for gathering the makings of delicious and restorative teas right out of the garden, Tea Gardens is thoroughly delightful.

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