Stonescaping - Gardening Book

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A Guide to Using Stone in Your Garden.

by Jan Kowalczewski Whitner

ISBN 0-88266-755-6
162 pages; 8.5" x 11"; 30 color photos; line drawings; Paperback.

More than 102,000 copies sold.

Whether used as a natural ornamental feature, or cut and dressed to make walls, paving, and terraces, stone acts as the 'bones' of a garden, giving it an atmosphere of permanence and timeworn distinction.

Stonescaping shows readers how to apply Asian, European, and contemporary design approaches at home, using stone features to solve common site problems and beautify their gardens. Chapters on building walls, paths, terraces, stone-rimmed ponds, rockeries, and troughs provide step-by-step instructions for creating these and other design features using basic hand tools.

In addition to its practical and detailed directions for selecting, finding, and working with stone, Stonescaping explains how to incorporate the beauty and strength of stone into a number of traditional and modern garden styles, including:

  • An Herb Garden
  • A Cottage Garden
  • A Large Formal Garden
  • A Romantic Garden
  • A Wildlife-Attracting Garden
  • Low Maintenance Gardens
  • Xeriscape Gardens
  • Small Urban Spaces
  • A Garden Renovation

Many of these plans also feature 'pocket garden' variations, designed especially for the home gardener who wants to make a big impact in a limited amount of space.

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