Squirrel Proofing Your Home and Garden

Squirrel Proofing Your Home and Garden - Gardening Book

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Squirrel Proofing Your Home & Garden

by Rhonda Massingham Hart

ISBN 1-58017-191-5
160 pages; 6" x 9"; Paperback.

Defend your home and garden from squirrels!

The bestselling author of Deer Proofing Your Yard & Garden helps homeowners battle one of nature's most wily and persistent creatures--squirrels--with a storehouse of environmentally responsible techniques that really work.

In her trademark light-hearted yet practical and authoritative style, Rhonda Massingham Hart explains how to

  • Understand squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, and other squirrel relatives
  • Defend your birdfeeders and design and build squirrel-proof feeders
  • Banish squirrels and their relatives from your garden
  • Protect your attic, garage, and basement from invasion
  • Find and choose effective household and commercial repellents.
In addition, you'll find lists of feeder foods and plants squirrels love--and those they'll prefer to avoid.

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