A Guide to Growing Sensational Shrubs

A Guide to Growing Sensational Shrubs - Gardening Book

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A Guide to Growing Sensational Shrubs

by Richard Bird

ISBN 0754805557
96 pages; color photographs throughout; Hardcover.

Shrubs are an important and attractive element of any garden, whether mixed with annuals and perennials in a mixed border or displayed on their own. Their great variety and versatility is covered in detail in this practical guide.

  • Everything you need to know about growing shrubs, from which ones to choose to how to care for them.

  • Features ideas for shrub borders, with advice on designing, planning and planting.

  • Selects the best shrubs for every season, including specific types such as dwarf shrubs, conifers, hedges, shrubs with colored or variegated leaves, and scented shrubs.

  • Illustrated with more than 250 beautiful color photographs. Includes lots of useful techniques illustrated with step-by-step pictures and helpful text.

For any gardener wanting to introduce shrubs into the garden, or simply to cultivate shrubs successfully, this book is the perfect reference guide.

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