Seeds Starting Primer & Almanac

Seeds Starting Primer & Almanac - Gardening Book

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Gardener to Gardener:
Seed Starting Primer & Almanac

ISBN 0875968724
230 pages; two tone illustrations; Hardcover

Hundreds of Great Ideas, Tips and Techniques
from the Organic Gardening Readers

Organic gardeners reveal their best tips and tricks for starting seeds, creating healthy soil, tending the garden, and stretching the growing season in Gardener to Gardener: Seed-Starting Primer & Almanac. Compiled for gardeners just like you by the editors and readers of Organic Gardening magazine, you'll find month-by-month activities, timesaving gadgets, and wheelbarrow loads of garden-tested advice, such as how to:

  • Increase yields by rounding the surface of flat garden beds
  • Build a compost and soil sifter to fit on top of your garden cart or wheelbarrow
  • Diagnose soil trouble by identifying which weeds are in your garden
  • Turn leaves into fabulous fertilizer using a three-pronged approach
  • Get your apples off to a strong start when planting rootstocks in five easy steps
  • Use a small fan to help your seedlings develop sturdier stems and minimize the chance of fungal

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