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Seascape Gardening
From New England to the Carolinas

by Anne Halpin

ISBN 1580175163
424 pages; Full color photos throughout; Paperback

Gardening by the sea is unlike any other gardening experience in the world. The gentle, misty light, moderate climate, and natural beauty of the coast only make seaside gardens more beautiful. Add to that the pleasant memories of summers spent by the sea as a child, and the allure is irresistible for most any gardener or ocean-lover.

But aside from the scenic landscape and romantic setting are serious challenges to be overcome. The East Coast is known for its extreme weather—storms blow in during the winter with gale-force winds, spraying sand and salt on every plant in their path. Even during the summer, high winds, fierce sun, and periods of drought challenge the toughest plants. Seaside gardens must be able to tolerate the elements and still look good.

Author Anne Halpin is a renowned garden designer and writer who lives on Long Island Sound. She navigates the rocky shores and sandy dunes of the East Coast from New England to South Carolina, showing readers how to plant and care for seaside gardens that work with the elements, not against them. Keeping in mind those who only dream of living by the sea, Halpin also offers portraits of successful seaside gardens up and down the coast, with stunning images from award-winning photographer Roger Foley.

About the Author
Anne Halpin is the author of 12 books, including Homescaping; The Year-Round Flower Gardener; and Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs. Numerous articles by and about Anne have appeared in such publications as Horticulture, Country Gardens, Country Home,Woman's Day, and Homeowner. She lives in the Hamptons in New York.

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