Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders

Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders - Gardening Book

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Rustic Birdhouses and Feeders
Unique Thatched-Roof Projects Designed to Bird-Friendly Specifications

by Colin McGhee

ISBN 1580171370
138 pages; 7" x 10"; Full-color photographs and illustrations throughout; Paperback.

Bring a Bit of Old-World Charm into Your Yard!

North America's Master Thatcher, Colin McGhee, shows you how to make charming and functional birdhouses and feeders using simplified thatch-roof techniques, basic woodworking skills, and decorative painting touches.

Explore the fascinating history and techniques of thatch and create beautiful thatched-roof feeders and birdhouses designed to fit the specific needs and preferences of some of your favorite backyard birds.

* Learn which reeds and grasses in your area are perfect for thatching

* Create thatched houses for bluebirds, chickadees, wrens, owls, and even bats and butterflies

* Build a thatched bird feeder for all your backyard birds

* Cover store-bought feeders with thatch to make them something special

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