Roses: A Celebration

Roses: A Celebration - Gardening Book

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Roses: A Celebration
Thirty-Three Eminent Gardeners on Their Favorite Rose

Wayne Winterrowd, Editor

262 pages, 7 5/8 x 9 1/2
full-color illustrations

Among the plant kingdom, Rosa is a relatively small genus, comprising only about one hundred species around the globe. But as these species intercross, they have given rise to as many as thirty thousand cultivars, making the rose perhaps the most various of all plants grown in gardens—and one of the most treasured.

This one-of-a-kind collection gathers together thirty-two eminent gardeners and rosarians, including Graham Stuart Thomas, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas C. Cooper, Joe Eck, Michael Pollan, Anne Raver, Page Dickey, Thomas Christopher, David Austin, Peter Beales, Dan Hinkley, and Jamaica Kincaid. Each writes about a favored rose, reflecting upon its history, cultivation, and performance, as well as its unique quirks and beauties, which are magnificently exemplified by Pamela Stagg’s original watercolors. Here is a handsome gift as well as essential reading for the passionate gardener.

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