The Potted Herb

The Potted Herb - Gardening Book

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The Potted Herb

by Abbie Zabar

104 pages
line drawings, softcover.

Since its publication in 1988, The Potted Herb has become a classic gardening and gift book. Beloved for its delicate line drawings and accessible size, this beginner's guide to growing your own herbs has sold more than 65,000 hard-cover copies. Now, in an affordable paperback format with a fresh cover design, the popular title will reach a new readership.

Zabar, who tends to her own patio garden in Manhattan, writes in an engagingly personal tone about twenty-two varieties of herbs suitable for cultivating in containers. Included are instructions for training the plants into topiaries, preparing simple yet delicious recipes flavored with fresh, aromatic herbs, and creating wreaths, sachets, lotions, and other handmade crafts from herbal ingredients. In addition to the practical information, Zabar also reflects on the poetics of gardening and how it can enhance our everyday lives, even when space demands that the greenery be confined to terra-cotta pots and kitchen window boxes.

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