Popular Pond Plants

Popular Pond Plants - Gardening Book

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Popular Pond Plants

by Phillip Swindells

ISBN 0-7645-6140-5
144 pages, 6 1/8 x 8 1/2; full-color photographs, full-color illustrations

The perfect resource for budding or experienced pondscapers.

A colourful and practical guide to choosing and using a wide range of pond plants. Specially commissioned step-by-step photographs show planting techniques, essential maintenance, propagation, plus how to recognise and treat common plant pests and diseases. All the popular types of pond plants are featured, including submerged oxygenators, deepwater aquatics, floating plants, waterlilies of all sizes and colours, marginals, plus a selection of moisture-loving bog garden plants.
300+ photos and illustrations.

About the Author
Philip Swindells has extensive experience in pondscaping and has written widely on the variety and uses of pond plants.

About this Author