The Organic Suburbanite

The Organic Suburbanite - Gardening Book

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The Organic Suburbanite

by Warren Schultz

ISBN 0875968600
158 pages, Softcover

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Live the American Dream.

Ask the tough questions. How can I cut down on energy use in my kitchen? What should I use to unclog the bathroom sink? Which cars create the least pollution? Should I or shouldn't I fertilize my lawn? These are just a few of the issues that families face every day in the suburbs. In this one-of-a-kind guide, author Warren Schultz points out the environmental and personal costs of traditional, toxic household practices and offers safe, natural, and easy alternatives.

"Let's face it: Many of us who think we're eco-friendly are still doing plenty of dumb things. Warren Schultz uses wit and humor to nudge us into awareness, clearing a path toward righteousness without guilt or shame."
— Ketzel Levine, National Public Radio special correspondent and author of Planet This!

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