The Mulch Book

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The Mulch Book
A Complete Guide for Gardeners.

by Stu Campbell

ISBN 0-88266-659-2
128 pages; 6" x 9"; Line drawings; Paperback.

Weeding. Watering. Soil improvement. Frost and heat protection. Wouldn't it be wonderful if these gardening chores could be simplified with one easy method? They can! For years, successful gardeners and landscapers have hailed mulching as the labor-saving way to reduce the need for weeding and watering, while at the same time it improves soil and protects plants from harsh weather. The Mulch Book shows you how to use mulching to your best advantage.

By covering soil with materials such as bark chips, stones, chopped hay, or special commercial mulches, gardeners can crowd out light and prevent weeds from growing. Moisture evaporation is significantly reduced when mulches are applied, so less watering is required. Organic mulches contribute valuable nutrients to the soil and help improve soil structure, for healthier, faster-growing plants. And mulch insulates the soil, offering protection against both frost and extreme heat.

The Mulch Book details everything you need to know about mulching, including:

  • How much mulch to use
  • When to apply mulch for maximum benefit
  • What mulches best suit specific plants -- an A to Z directory for fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants
  • Information on the newest mulching products, including geotextiles
  • How to make your own mulch
  • How to obtain mulches for free

A little mulching goes a long way in the garden or landscape. Discover for yourself the many benefits mulch has to offer you.

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