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Making Arbors and Trellises

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Making Arbors and Trellises

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Making Arbors and Trellises - Gardening Book

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Making Arbors & Trellises

by Marcianne Miller & Oliver Rollin

ISBN 157990436X
144 pages; Paperback.

Miller and Rollin have collaborated to create a collection of 25 beautiful and functional structures that will surely appeal to gardeners and outdoor designers. There is something here for every garden the designs range from a rustic trellis to a formal arbor. Easy to follow and supplemented by excellent photos and drawings, the instructions are within the skill level of most woodworkers. Other designs include a pyramid-shaped trellis, an art deco-inspired trellis, and bamboo structures. Installation instructions and plant selection tips round out this well-written title, which is sure to appeal to both woodworkers and gardeners.

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