The Lawn Bible

The Lawn Bible - Gardening Book

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The Lawn Bible

by David R. Mellor, Fenway Park's Master Groundskeeper

ISBN: 0786888423
112 pages

How to Keep It Green, Groomed, and Growing
Every Season of the Year.

Everyone wants a green lawn, but how do you really get one? Bags of fertilizer? Weed killer? Sod? What about mowing? Everyone knows how to, but do you really know when to? David Mellor, Fenway Park's master groundskeeper, knows when to, and a lot more. He has been caring for some of the nicest lawns around for years. In The Lawn Bible, Mellor offers everything you need to know about lawn care for your part of the country, including planting, mowing, feeding, and troubleshooting, as well as dozens of surprising and useful tips, helpful illustrations, and terrific anecdotes.

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