The Lawn & Garden Owner's Manual

The Lawn & Garden Owner's Manual - Gardening Book

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The Lawn & Garden Owner's Manual
What to do and when to do it.

by Lewis and Nancy Hill

ISBN 1-58017-214-8
192 pages; 8 1/2" x 10 7/8"; Full Color; Paperback.

The Ultimate Guide to Rejuvenating Worn-out Lawns and Gardens -- And How to Keep Your Landscape Looking Its Best!

You know when it's time to mow the lawn, but do you know when and how to prune the tree that is starting to block the view? Move shrubs that are overcrowded? Liven up an overgrown perennial bed? Fertilize and aerate your lawn? Let Lewis and Nancy Hill show you how easy lawn and garden care can be!

  • A through-the-year calendar, customized for you climate, keeps you on top of simple landscape maintenance and allows you to plan the best time to tackle those special projects.

  • Troubleshooting guides for your lawn, perennials, ornamental grasses, ground covers, shrubs, roses, trees, and water gardens help you to diagnose potential problems and to solve them quickly and easily.

  • A comprehensive program for building great soil and controlling pests and disease.

  • Everything you'll ever need to know to create and maintain a picture-perfect landscape!

Leave it to expert gardeners and best-selling authors Lewis and Nancy Hill to make lawn and garden care as clear and trouble-free as this!

"Lewis & Nancy Hill are perennial garden-writing favorites, much like the subjects they cover. From Daylilies to Successful Perennial Gardening, their writing is thorough and complete and beautiful."
--The Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate

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