The Kayak Companion

The Kayak Companion - Gardening Book

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by Joe Glickman

Illustrations throughout
136 pages; 6 x 9; Paperback
ISBN 1-58017-485-X

"You can tell kayaks are cool,” writes Joe Glickman, “by the number of times they appear in advertisements for SUVs and beer.” Today these sleek, fast watercraft are more popular than they have ever been in their 10,000-year history.

In The Kayak Companion, Joe Glickman, a two-time member of the U.S. National Marathon Kayak Team, teaches beginners the basic techniques for all kinds of kayaking — sea, touring, and recreational. For more experienced kayakers, he offers expert advice on how to navigate in all kinds of waters and weathers. And kayakers of every skill level will appreciate Glickman’s candid assessments of the various types of boats; how to read a compass; troubleshooting in lousy weather; and how to deal with lightning, big fish, and marauding powerboats.

But something else really sets The Kayak Companion apart from all the others on the bookstore shelf: As Glickman discusses kayaking techniques, he interweaves stories of his own adventures as a kayaker, including such magical moments as the time when he saw a magnificent moon rise over New York City’s Jamaica Bay and the day he almost made a fatal error during a ferocious 12-hour blizzard in Montana.

The Kayak Companion not only provides kayakers with essential information, it also inspires enthusiasm for one of the fastest-growing sports in North America.

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