How to Make People Like You

How to Make People Like You - Gardening Book

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How to Make People Like You
In 90 Seconds or Less

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by Nicholas Boothman

ISBN: 076111940X
Order No: 11940

Never again let shyness get in the way of an appointment or interview. Or leave the making of an important contact to chance. Or find yourself tongue-tied or distracted in social situations. The key, according to Nicholas Boothman and his plan for face-to-face communication, is simple -- the way to make a person like you is to make yourself be like that person, if only for the 90 seconds or less it takes to establish rapport.

Learn the power of a Really Useful Attitude, the secrets of voice tone and body language, the difference between 'opening up' words and 'closing down' words. And reinforcing all of these skills is knowing how to read another person's sensory preference -- most of us are Visual people, some are Kinesthetic and a few are Auditory. So when you say 'I see what you mean' to a Visual, you­re really speaking his or her language. And then you're on your way.

About the Author
Nicholas Boothman is a Licensed Master Practicioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A former fashion and advertising photographer whose work depended on establishing instant rapport with his subjects, he divides his time between lecturing in Europe and North America.

About this Author