The Hiking Companion

The Hiking Companion - Gardening Book

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by Michael W. Robbins

Illustrations throughout
136 pages; 6 x 9; Paperback
ISBN 1-58017-429-9

When it comes to hiking, Michael W. Robbins is all about the experience. “You can see and hear a lot in just one mile of hiking in a mature deciduous forest,” he says, “or just one mile of rocky switchbacks up the face of serious mountain.” The way Robbins sees it, someone who is trying to maximize mileage during a day hike is missing the point.

Drawing from his personal experience hiking major trails throughout North America, Robbins offers an overview of the hiking experience in various terrains, from forests to fields, waterside to mountains. He discusses common mistakes and how to avoid them, giving recommendations on trip planning, pacing, appropriate gear, and the basics of navigating, such as how to use a compass. There’s even a chapter on extending the day hike to become an overnight backpacking trip.

Interwoven with Robbins’s expert advice on how to plan and equip yourself for a hike are first-person accounts of his own experiences on trails in Glacier National Park; near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia; and in the Hudson River Valley. His encounters with wildlife, his discovery of forgotten historical or unexplored archaeological sites, his exultation at coming upon a truly magnificent vista — all are a real inspiration to both beginning and experienced hikers. The Hiking Companion is the perfect combination of hardcore, down-to-earth, expert advice, with exciting stories of the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that await you in the wild.

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