Growing 101 Herbs that Heal

Growing 101 Herbs that Heal - Gardening Book

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Growing 101 Herbs that Heal
Gardening Techniques, Recipes and Remedies

by Tammi Hartung, Medicinal Herbalist

ISBN 1-58017-215-6
256 pages; 8 3/8" x 10"; Full Color; Paperback.

Grow Your Own Medicine! What better way to take your medicine than straight from the garden? From St.-John's-wort to fennel, chicory to skullcap, herbalist and gardener Tammi Harung introduces you to the special cultivating and care techniques required for growing 101 versatile and useful herbs. Add diversity and healing power to your garden with medicinal plants. Learn to grow, harvest, and make inexpensive, potent home remedies for your whole family. Discover how easy and economical it is to create your own teas, tinctures, compresses, and more.

  • A totally organic approach to healthy soil and pest control
  • Easy garden designs for any location and environment
  • Comprehensive herb-by-herb profiles with color photos of every plant -Delicious recipes for incorporating healing herbs into your daily meals
  • Step-by-step instructions for making common herbal preparations
  • Easy-reference charts for propagating, harvesting, and using each herb.
"This book takes a forward look at growing medicinal herbs that will positively affect, not only the health of the gardener, but the earth as well."
--Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women and Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest

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