Henry Mitchell on Gardening

Henry Mitchell on Gardening - Gardening Book

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Henry Mitchell On Gardening

243 pp; paperback.

For readers who like gardening (and love the English language), this posthumous collection of Henry Mitchell's Washington Post "Earthman" columns is "equal parts entertainment and shrewd horticultural advice" (Science News).

Henry Mitchell is "beloved for his witty, smart, informed, philosophical, wide-ranging and often wickedly humorous columns" (Detroit Free Press).

At a time when most garden writing was lethally dull and as impersonal as a committee report, Henry Mitchell was the great exception. He was often funny. He was always passionate, for his loves were many. He was endlessly quotable, whether he was telling his faithful readers that marigolds should be used as sparingly as ultimatums or reminding them that to go from winter to summer you have to pass March.

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