The Handcrafted Letter

The Handcrafted Letter - Gardening Book

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The Handcrafted Letter
Get Inspired, Find Your Voice & Create Unique Projects to Keep in Touch

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by Diane Maurer-Mathison

ISBN 1-58017-360-8
112 pages; 8" x 8"; Paperback.

A letter is more than just the words it carries.

Handwritten correspondence is coming back into vogue. Letter writing allows us to slow down and consider our thoughts fully before we commit them to paper. And there is something intimate about a hand-written letter that e-mails, typed letters, and even phone calls can’t replace. Paper artist Diane Maurer-Mathison has used her design sense and expertise to create this stylish guide to preserving memories in beautiful, heirloom-quality cards and letters. Fully illustrated in color, The Handcrafted Letter covers it all. Correcting handwriting problems. Choosing the best writing implements and paper. Planning and laying out letter projects. Plus all the tricks of the trade: cutting, gluing, cropping photographs, stamping, stenciling, and using decorative-edge scissors. There are more than 40 projects that will inspire enthusiasts, from love letters and artful envelopes to quilled cards, annual holiday letters, and projects for kids.

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