The Book of Green Tea

The Book of Green Tea - Gardening Book

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The Book of Green Tea

by Diana Rosen

ISBN 1-58017-090-0
160 pages; 7 1/2" x 7 1/2"; Paperback

Experience Therapy in a Cup

Enhance your life with the great versatility and healthful benefits of this tea of the ancients. From bath salts to ice cream, this traditional Asian beverage can be used in dozens of ways to relax the mind, strengthen the body, and soothe the soul. In The Book of Green Tea, you'll discover:

* How to blend, brew, and appreciate more than 120 varieties of green tea
* Up-to-date information on the health benefits of drinking green tea
* Recipes for cooking with green tea and making green tea bodycare products
* Rich green tea history, poetry, lore, and traditions from around the world

About the Author
Not only can Diana Rosen's tea tips and trivia be cherished in her Storey books, The Book of Green Tea, Chai, and Steeped in Tea, but she also enchants all those interested on the Internet. Diana's articles are located on a website called Sally's Place, and her tea topics range from information on recipes, events, and history to entertaining, crafts and cleaning. These same articles are placed in her national quarterly newsletter, Tea Talk.

About this Author